5525 S La Grange Rd, Countryside, IL 60525
Ledo's Pizza


Pizza Restaurant in Countryside, IL


Family Owned and Operated since 1961

If you haven't heard of us, just ask anyone from the area and they can tell you about Ledo's. We have been a fixture in Countryside since 1961! We are known for our quality pizza, Italian dishes and sandwiches. We only use the best ingredients to create a variety of great tasting menu items. Our restaurant caters to families, sports teams and all sorts of pizza-lovers.
Ledo's is a family run restaurant and our family extends to more than 30 employees. The immediate family is very involved in day-to-day operations and we have a wonderful management staff that helps keep things running smoothly. Much of our staff has been with us for many years and we have one employee that has been with us since us the beginning. Each employee knows the importance of Ledo's values.
I think my favorite time of the year is Christmas; this is when past customers tend to visit us most. We love to hear the stories about where they have been, moved to or what they have been doing. We are so flattered to hear when returning customers make it a point to come back to Ledo's when they're in town because they love and miss the pizza. Many will come in and talk about the tables they had carved their names in. Those tables are no longer a part of our decor, but their memories still remain. (By the way, I still have one of those tables in my home.) It's warming to know that Ledo's has played a part in so many lives for five generations, whether it was a social party they had here, a little league team party or even if it was their weekly tradition.

The Beginning of Ledo's

Ledo's was founded on March 25th, 1961. The name originated from the original founders. This involved two families. Louise and Robert Dorgan Sr. and Sparky and Rose Lenzie. The "Le" from Lenzie and the "Do" from Dorgan is how the name was created. The union between the two families lasted a total of five weeks. Afterwards, the Dorgans bought out the Lenzies. It has been a family run business ever since.
The first location of Ledo's was a small carry out place directly across the street from where it resides now. It stood in the first location for twelve and a half years, In 1973, the family purchased the building across the street and moved to its present location at 5525 South La Grange Road in Countryside.
The whole family was involved one way or another. Robert Sr. would work in the restaurant when he was not driving a truck for extra income. Louise or Nonnie, as she was tagged, worked in the store. The two sons, Robert Jr. and Jim, started working for the family business when they were very young: Robert was 17 and Jim was 14. Later, Jim was called to serve his country. He spent two years in the service. Bob stayed on and continued to work. When Jim came home, he went back to working at Ledo's. Their daughter, Louise, helped out in a different way. She worked caring for the home.
In 1983, Bob Sr. left the business. It then belonged to Louise, Robert and Jim. That partnership lasted until 1990 when Jim ventured out on his own. In 1992, Jim purchased Philanders in Oak Park. Now Ledo's was owned by Louise and her son Robert. Sadly, Louise passed away on September 28, 1995. Robert E. Dorgan Jr. was then the sole proprietor. He continued growing the business until his passing on January 27th, 2002. Robert was succeeded by his wife Sandra and five children. The restaurant and legacy of Ledo's is now in the care of Robert's wife Sandra and continues to be a family run restaurant.
Not too much has changed in the operation of Ledo's. We continue to take pride in making the finest pizza, Italian dishes and sandwiches in the area. As far as values go, they will always remain the same: quality, cleanliness, customer service, and the ability to serve the community.
We are a popular place for sports teams to congregate. We sponsor many little league teams as well as other types of teams. We host all types of parties including birthdays, graduations, wedding rehearsals and any other family-oriented party you need. Ledo's boasts a fine family atmosphere; a place where the whole family can go and relax. Not only is the food great, but there are video games for the kids and four large screen televisions so all you sports fans can eat and keep up with the latest scores. The seating is family style. We have long tables to accommodate large groups as well as booths for smaller parties. We take reservations all day except Friday and Saturday evenings. But even on those nights we have floor monitors that will get you seated quickly.
It has been a wonderful 50 years and hopefully there will be many more to come. We look forward to carrying on our traditions and values.
We would like to thank all of our wonderful customers for their loyal and continued patronage. Without you, we would not be here and we could not continue.
From our family to yours, Thank You.
Sandra L. Dorgan